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National Advanced Schools of       Wisdom Publication Dept.


        LESSON 1 and 2 YEAR 2017

  Elder Lynn E Dye, Superintendent                        LESSON 3

  National Advanced Schools of Wisdom


About Elder Lynn Dye:

Elder Lynn Eric Dye is a lifetime member of Triumph The Church And Kingdom of God In Christ.

 He is the youngest of four brothers and five sisters, the son of Bother Joe S. Dye and State Mother

Emeritus Leila P. Dye. He is the assistant shepherd of Triumph temple #6 in Ensley Alabama, the local musician,

 the adult Advanced School of Wisdom Teacher, one of the writers of the National ASOW department,

 a student of the E D. Smith National School of Prophets, a creator of a health and beauty product Known as FIG IT OUT,

and a dedicated messenger of the Everlasting Gospel. He has a great passion for writing songs and composing music

 that embraces the messages and teachings of Church Triumph.


He graduated from Huffman High School in Birmingham Alabama. He also studied architectural drafting

, computer technology, and healthcare reimbursement at Lawson State Community College, Jefferson State Community College,

 and Virginia College of Birmingham. One of his favorite sayings is, “ I have a can do Spirit, a will do Soul, and I live in a get it done body”.




The Advanced Schools of Wisdom was founded in 1919 by Father Elias D.

Smith.  In the beginning, it was called Sunday School.  Prince D. M. Abney

was the first superintendent.  He served from 1919 to 1920.


Later, the name was changed from Sunday School to The

Advanced Schools of Wisdom in 1940 by J. D. Walker, Jr.


The Seedbed

The Advanced Schools of Wisdom is indeed the seedbed of Triumphant

thinking.  As triumphians, we can advance to the highest level of wisdom

that comes directly from God.  We are taught that this church carries

three levels.  The Holy Ghost puts us on the first level, and as our guide,

we can advance to the highest level.  The Christ mind, which is the wisdom

and power of God, can transform us into the state of perfection.


National Publication

It is the aim of the National Advanced Schools of Wisdom to publish

literature that will assist in carrying people to that highest level of thinking.

This literature is published biannually.


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