From the Desk of the Chief Apostle R. D. Clark






Desk of Chief Apostle



       Chief Apostle and Mother R. D. Clark





Divine Greetings and Happy Founders Day to the members and followers of Triumph the Church and Kingdom of God in Christ, to our friends and loved ones throughout Gods universe, we send peace and blessings to you all.  It is with the greatest sense of spiritual pride and racial self-esteem that I send you my thoughts for victory as we engage in our Founders Day Celebrations of 2018.  

As we reflect upon the sacred memories of our beloved founder, Father E. D. Smith, and the early pioneering saints who comprised his early support system, we must also explore the uniqueness of the special message that he brought to us.  This message was, and is, so unique that it remains to this day: not fully comprehended, even by the recipients of the message.  His, was a vision of a spiritual, physical, and psychological religious paradigm designed for a people who had been psycho-theologically abused and spirituality disconnected from the universal principles of their true reality.


Father Smith gave us an outline of four human worlds.  The fourth human world, which brings our advancement to human perfection, is to be ushered in through the spiritual enlightenment of human consciousness.  The psychologically and spiritually abusive world that is to be replaced is the Third human world, the world we recognize as the Gospel of the Kingdom, or the Church Militant world.  The ‘Triumphant’ narrative does not call for the perfection of the saints to occur in this Church Militant world, but to the saints who constitute the fourth human world is given the promise of power to overcome, subdue, and conquer all things.  Meaning that Those who take on the elevation of the Fourth human world consciousness will be free from all Third human worlds  entanglements, including its physical captivity of death.


Today, we are in a great struggle.  We are struggling under the heavy weight of our own unrealized potential.  That means we are struggling to expand into a new consciousness, while in all reality fearing to release ourselves from the old.  This causes the ambiguity by which we sometimes attempt to transpose the promises and rewards of the Fourth human world, into a Militant Church world mindset.  No Gospel of the Kingdom inspiration is equipped to call forth a blessing from The Fourth Human World. Attempting to make this happen, leaves us frustrated and unfulfilled.  For in the end, we are forced into the realization that two worlds are incompatible and we are no better off than before.


 Another burden of our unrealized potential is our obligation to remove the veil of darkness that blinds and binds us to the false religion of orthodox Christianity.  This is the Christianity of the Militant Church that was forced upon the world during the many religious Councils of the fourth century A.D.   This is the religion Father Smith was speaking of when he said:    “This gigantic system of false religion is a masterpiece of Satan’s power”.  It is the mental veil of darkness from this religion, covering the light of the spirituality of the original Christian Church, that keeps us disconnected from the true foundation from which The Fourth Human World should emerge.  And In as much as the Original and foundational Christian Spirituality was lost behind this veil of Orthodox Religion’s darkness, we must redeem through Triumphant Enlightenment, the truth of our original Christian foundation.  


It is only when, and if we address the incompatibility of the Third and Fourth Human worlds that we expand in consciousness to the use the appropriate language needed to describe and promote the world of Father Smith’s vision.  And if our continued supplications fails to relieve us of this mortal captivity it is time to think of the living principles of the triumphant hermeneutic in more serious ways, and move our consciousness to the language system of the Fourth Human World dispensation.


The Fourth Human World’s vision has not failed us. We have not completed the due diligence to certify this world as a human option.  Therefore, the promise of the deliverance from the ills of the flesh are yet in the storehouse of universal consciousness, lacking only the validation of human certification.  If we had continued to evolve along the path of our initial inspiration we would be able to access this storehouse now, rather than having to beg and borrow blessings that have no lasting permanence, from The Third Human World construct that within itself also has no lasting permanence.


The Triumphant Fourth Human World hermeneutic must reflect an uncompromising, non-deviating truth and unapologetic truth.  The truth we seek is truth that defines and reinforces not only the objects and purposes of our physical system, but also defines the original root of spirituality that directs our Meta physical system. The Triumph life system cannot be located at the surface level of the Christian world.  I maintain that there once was a Christianity that was leading humanity to the knowledge of mans reintegration into Godhood. This quest for divine information, and the Christianity that promoted it was cut off at its roots so that humanity could be brainwashed into the alteration of an Orthodox Christianity that was enforced upon the masses in the interest of the political state. I also maintain that there is a spirit of reciprocity and correction in the universe that responds to any human quest for eternal truth.  And that Father Smith’s vision of 1897 was the initial proof of that response. It would have been during his special times of high Spiritual visitation that Father Smith in his vision transcended the path of the surface level religion.  Although he was unable to completely structure the doctrinal elements of his Triumph revelation, he did manage to lay out for us the foundational principles upon which it should be constructed.  When Father challenged the Orthodox leaders of his day he was armed only with his vision of triumphant life, his trust in the God of his revelation, and the foundational principles he had discovered.  All Hail, All Hail, All Hail to this great and mighty spirit: Founding Father E.D Smith.


The religious leaders of the Orthodox Christian World, who had themselves been deceived into believing the false claims of these traditional religions, proceeded to indoctrinate a false other world concept into the wounded minds of a people already traumatized from the brutal effects of slavery.  It was with this mind and its altered psychology that we were forced to rationalize and made the best use of the white masters religion so that we could at least give our people some belief system for their wounded spirits to hold on to.  Since a falsified mind requires a falsified reality to sustain it, our mind spirit development suffered most of all.  And even though we managed to survive physically, we suffered from the lack of true information to keep us spiritually directed in the pursuit of eternal life.


 Father Smith was one of the visionaries of his day who looked beyond the false reality of a surface level religion.  This is the system referred to in his writings as the Church Militant system of Christianity; He had witnessed as a first hand victim of this false sense of reality that religious people could plan a meeting with The God of this religion if they obeyed His words, Not only could they schedule a meeting with him somewhere beyond the skies, but they could also plan a visitation with relatives and friends after the loss their physical body.  This was the extent of the mind spirit development of our people in matters of religion prior to emergence Father E. D. Smith in the late 19th and early 20th century.


Our challenge now, is a 21st century challenge.  The religious world of this day is in serious trouble.  It is slowly making its retreat from the on rush of information they are being exposed to almost on a daily basis.  If we have the truth, the world certainly needs it now. It needs the deliverance that the Fourth Human World promised to bring.  I am convinced that much of the new information of this information age is the very information that the triumphant principles are designed for, and rather than reject it, we should be embracing it. As we now hasten to extricate ourselves completely from the Church Militant box, we do so in order that The Fourth Human World can begin its manifestation. It is now but a skeleton awaiting us to supply it with the flesh and muscle to function. 


Blessings to all. rdc










































































































DIVINE Greetings, to the Members of Triumph the Church and Kingdom

of God in Christ and Fellow Triumphians throughout the world.


We must recognize and be ever grateful for the Triumphant Spirit working through the Apostles and

staff members directing the church through another smooth transition of leadership. I am greatly

honored to be the one selected to serve as the leading official of this great organization. I will be

forever mindful that this awesome responsibility requires of me: a prayerful life, a commitment  to

truth, and a dedication to the principles outlined in the Charter Of  Incorporation of Triumph The

Church And Kingdom Of God In Christ: July 18th, 1918.


We must continue to move forward to overcome the many tasks and challenges that confront us.


Institutions that successfully transcend time, are those that when called upon to prove their relevance

to evolving times and circumstances, are able to demonstrate a survival flexibility.  The Triumphant

Institution must also demonstrate flexibility; a  21st century adaptation to current issues and times.

Not only will we meet the challenge of relevance; but, we will do so without violating the foundational

principles of our church. Man’s inherent divinity and the doctrine of eternal life represent the

foundational elements and the core inspiration of Triumph Church’s reality.


This basic core of Triumph’s inspiration of life is a Meta Physical construct. It is rooted in the concept,

that, there is a Universal Source Of Power, that we recognize as God, and there is an unawakened,

unaware, soul force that we call man. And when that Universal Source Of Power that we call God,

reunites with, and awakens that soul force that we call man, a transformation of life occurs. This is

the transformation recorded in 1 Cor.15:54:  


”then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, death is swallowed up in victory.”


The God force and the Man force existing in one body. This is the core principle that we must maintain

as we go forward to meet the challenges of this age.


So fellow Triumphians,  the time has come to move our organization to it’s next level of development.  We

appeal to you, our Apostle’s and their staffs, our National Mother and the staff of the Motherhood, all

National Officers, all Department Heads and their Staffs, State and County Presidents, Elders, Evangelists,

Missionaries, Prophets, Teachers and Local Members, that, working together, we can accomplish what we will.


In the spirit of our Founder, Father E.D. Smith, and the faithful Triumph Saints who have made the way for

us, we press forever forward in this great Triumphant Church.


Triumphantly Yours, Rt. Rev. R.D. Clark