Deepening of the Spiritual Life ...




Objects and Purposes

Section 1 – For the deepening of the spiritual life among her members so

that all members shall attain the highest state of wisdom and power that

will lead to the perfection of the individual in this life as true believers

of God divine.


Section 2 – For the education of man in the worship of God and , to that

end, to especially decide the whole council of God and preach a Holy and

whole Gospel.  To obey the whole law of God.


Section 3 – It shall be the duty of the general church to develop a system

of care for the indigent, to establish a fund for educational resources,

and to assist its members in each district.


Section 4 – To disseminate as its chief discipline, the Holy Bible, the

Written and Revealed Word of God.


Section 5 – For the ordination and appointments of those persons that are

divinely called, qualified, and set apart to the work of Apostles, Princes,

Elders, Shepherds, Evangelists, Missionaries, and other specified officials.


Section 6a – All licensed officials shall be required to teach and preach the

doctrine set forth in the Basis of Union and the Written and Revealed Word

of God.


Section 6b – All ordained officials shall enjoy all accompanying rights of